Free Pocket PC Games

Listed below you will find a list of links to my favorite free Pocket PC games. I also have a page of free Pocket PC applications. After each link is a short description of the program.

Pocket Blackjack
Now you can play Blackjack without losing money. The game has nice graphics too.
Classic game where you connect pieces of pipe and attempt to stay ahead of the water flowing through the pieces of pipe behind you.
Maximilian Wimmer's Yahtzee
This classic dice game is now available for your Pocket PC. It has very nice graphics and sound.
Attempt to remove all the colored blocks from the playing area. However, the catch is the game tells you how many block combinations can be removed during that round. If you don't plan carefully then you'll have to replay the round to advance to the next level.
Free Swapper
Attempt to get a new high score. When you line up three smae-color balls they disappear and are replaced by three balls of a different color. The game ends when you no longer have a legal move left on the board.
CE Zebra
An addictive game similar to Othello or Reversi. The computer makes for a tough opponent.
Phyllis is a very catchy card game where you attempt to get rid of all the cards in your hand before the other player. I play this game often.
An addicting game where each level becomes progressively more difficult to complete. You need to move the same style blocks next to each other to make them disappear. The object is to clear the board.
Neo Tiles
A colorful game very similar to Mah Johng.
A very good solitaire game. The game keeps track of the most recent high scores.
Chess Genius
Now you can play chess on your Pocket PC. There are various options and even the ability to switch places with the computer.
BlackJack PPC
A Blackjack game for your Pocket PC. It even displays hints as to whether you should, hit, stay or double-down.
Pocket Pegs
Play the classic logic game. Jump a peg over another and into a vacant space while you attempt to clear the board and leave only one peg at the end.

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