Free Pocket PC Applications

Listed below you will find a list of links to my favorite free Pocket PC applications. I also have a page of free Pocket PC games. After each link is a short description of the program.

Password Safe
Password Safe is a secure password database utility. Users keep their passwords securely encrypted on their PDA. A single safe combination unlocks them all. There is also a PC version available. Password Safe uses the same database file as the PC version of the software so all passwords are available to both devices after a synch. Visit my desktop software list for the link to the PC version.
Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC
Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC allows you to read PDF files on your Pocket PC. It allows you to choose between two ways of viewing PDF files. One allows you to view the file exactly as intended. The second utilizes tagged Adobe PDF files, which provide the best reading experience on handheld devices because text and images can be easily reflowed to fit the screen size.
US Constitution Database
Answer all your questions about the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and later amendments up to the 27th Amendment (Congressional Compensation). The file size is small and it's nicely indexed.
US Declaration of Independence Database
Read the Declaration of Independence as well as the Preamble. Learn about the men who signed the document, the state they were from, their occupation, date of birth/death and see their photo. Finally, read about the chronology of events which led up to this historic document.
Wisbar Advance
A task manager that replaces the standard toolbar on the Today screen with its own customized bar. It allows you to manage tasks and close any or all active applications. You can customize the components and the look and feel of the bar. Wisbar Advance adds several more functions and options to the toolbar as well as cleaning up the appearance. The Wisbar toolbar is also skinable with many different skins available on the internet.
Astronomy Guide Database
Learn about our solar system, missions in space, astronomy in history and stars and constellations. Indexed and searchable and storage card compatible.
PPC Password Generator
If you find it difficult to come up with new, secure passwords then use this password generator on your Pocket PC.
Turn your PDA into a personalized clock and calendar. Add your own pictures and the program will use them as a slideshow background for the clock and calendar.
Read books on your PDA. HandStory Basic allows you to read eBooks and view images. Pick from the free titles or purchase a book.
Pocket Stars
Nomad Electronics describes Pocket Stars as, "a high accuracy star chart, ephemeris, and Celestial Navigation calculator for the Pocket PC. The ultimate portable astronomy tool."
AirScanner Mobile Encrypter
The ultimate file encryption tool for the Pocket PC. I have tried several other programs similar to this, but none seemed to work as they should have. Encrypt and decrypt a single file or complete folders. It's very easy to use and you can choose to encrypt files with 40-bit RC2, 40-bit RC4, 56-bit DES or 128-bit RC4 algorithms.

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