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RagTime Solo
The website says it best, "RagTime is the Professional Business Publishing solution with a single convenient layout environment for processing text, tables, drawings, pictures and graphs." The program makes it very simple to design, manipulate and lay out nice-looking presentations.
RAWShooter Essentials
If you take digital photos in the RAW format then this software is for you. Download this powerful program and use it to convert your RAW images. The program boasts high quality outputs, the fastest RAW conversion times yet available, easy to use image correction tools, batch processing and slideshow functions. The website says that even beginners should be able to achieve excellent results because it is very easy to use. To see if your camera's RAW format is compatible with the program just view the System Requirements PDF.
TrueCrypt is a free, open-source disk encryption utility for Windows XP/2000. It can be used to create virtual encrypted disks, encrypt entire partitions or even encrypt a USB flash drive.
Photo Studio
Photo Studio is a multi purpose tool for manipulating photos. It also speeds up the job of transferring images from your digital camera to the web. It can download images from your camera, rotate, resize and convert images. It also has the capability to add comments to your photos, create thumbnails and generate customized HTML index pages. It will also display the meta data stored with your image files.
Organize large collections of digital images and assign XMP/IPTC information to the images. PixVue also integrates with Windows Explorer to help search for images by tag descriptions.
Opand IExif Viewer
IExif is a functional Exif viewer. It will display the digital camera image as well as all the EXIF data in the image.
If you own a digital camera then you know that sometimes pictures can end up with noise in them making them appear more grainy than they should. PictureCooler is a program that attempts to sharpen or de-noise your photos, making them appear more clear.
This is another digital photo noise reducing program with support for unlimited batch processing, EXIF data, an image browser, and self-learning noise profile support.
Digital Camera Enhancer
This is a utility to help reduce the digital noise that often appears in digital photographic images.
Photo Filter
Photo Filter has a library of more than 100 types of common photographic filters from names such as Kodak, Cokin, and Hoya. After transferring digital images to your computer, use this program to adjust the appearance of your photo(s) to what they would look like if you had used one of these filter on the camera when you composed the shot. It also offers adjustable density and auto luminosity compensation.
NASA's World Wind Earth Viewer Program
World Wind lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. To accomplish this, it makes use of Landsat satellite images and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data. World Wind allows you to experience earth's terrain in 3D, just as if you were really there.
Digital Image Mover
This simple utility only does one thing, transfer images from your digital camera to your computer. You create a storage scheme and the program will automatically create the directories to store the images in.
Neat Image is one of the better free utilities to help reduce visible noise and grain in digital images. You can use it to sharpen images obtained from digital cameras, flatbed scanners and slide scanners. The program helps reduce the high ISO noise from digital cameras, film grain visible in scanned slides and negatives, and JPEG artifacts caused by overcompressed digital images. Neat Image has a list of predefined profiles for specific cameras available for download. This link is to the profiles for the Canon G6.
Auto Stitch
Now you can easily take multiple pictures from your digital camera or scanner and use this program to automatic stitch a full view panorama. Auto Stitch is smart enough to take individual pictures from more than one panoramic view and correctly stitch them together, even if all the individual photos are stored in one large folder! It's very easy to use. Check out the website for examples.
Scan Calculator
If you've ever wanted to scan and then print a picture but wondered what would be the best scanning resolution for optimum results then this program will help. It calculates scanning resolutions based on specific input values, like output resolution, number of colors and a quality coefficient.
FastStone Image Viewer
This is a nice image browser, converter and editor. It has many features such as image viewing, image management, image comparison, red-eye removal and more. It also gives quick access to digital picture EXIF information, has scanner support and can produce slideshows.
If you use the Firefox web browser then this little utility can tweak a variety of its settings. Normally this kind of optimization has to be done manually but this program can do it all for you with just a few simple checkboxes.
Rasterbator Standalone
Take any digital picture and use this application to create rasterized versions of the image. The rasterized version can then be printed and pieced together to make a single, large image. The link shown above will take you to the stand-alone program, or visit this link to stop by the Rasterbator web site for the on-line version and view the galleries.
Create instant backups of files and directories. Schedule backup operations to run every few minutes or every couple months. You can even set it to copy only the files that have changed.
Use your own pictures to create a photo-mosaic.
CCleaner removes unwanted files from your computer which helps free up hard drive space and protect your privacy. You select from several lists what types of files you want removed, such as recently run programs, browser history and cookies and then program automatically removes them from your system.
Hyperfocal Chart Creator
Hyperfocal distance (in photography) is described as being able to focus the camera at a specific distance and having everything from half of the hyperfocal distance out to infinity in sharp focus. This handy program asks the user for several input values and it then prints out charts that make it easy to determine various hyperfocal distances.
Depth Of Field Chart Creator
This little program will create depth of field charts so that all you have to do is focus your camera and then look for the near and far focus distances on the chart.
Have you ever wanted to cut out part of a web page, especially an irregular shape and send it in an email? Snippy allows you to do this very easily. Just click on the Snippy icon in the taskbar and draw around the area of the screen that you want to copy. The area you selected will now be on your clipboard and ready to be pasted into your email or other application.
GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a photo retouching, image manipulation program with features similar to Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, however, it is FREE. GimpShop takes the program one step farther by making it look and feel more like the traditional Photoshop program. The author renamed and reorganized the menus, tools, and windows to closely resemble those of Photoshop.
Deskloops is similar to your Windows Taskbar in that it allows you to quickly see all your open applications and then switch to them by clicking on them. Deskloops arranges all your open windows side by side and allows you to navigate to a disered window by simply clicking on it. If there are too many windows to display on the screen you simply position the mouse pointer near the edge of the row and the windows will scroll by until you find the one you are looking for. For more in-depth information, check out the videos on the website.
Have you ever heard a song but were not able to recall its name? With Tunatic you will no longer have to wonder. Simply play the song through a microphone and Tunatic will connect to an internet database to retrieve the name of the song.
Songbird MP3 Player
Songbird is an Open Source project based on the Firefox browser engine. It is still in the early stages of development, but will eventually be able to replace your current desktop media player. If you are interested in helping the development team with the project stop by the website and click on the Development link.

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