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602 Software Suite
If you can't afford expensive office software like Microsoft Office try out this feature-packed software bundle. 602Text is similar to MS Word, 602Tab is comparable to MS Excel, 602Photo is a powerful graphics program with image editing capabilities and 602Album is a nice digital photo organizer. These programs have all the functions and options many casual users will ever need or use. Visit the web site for a more in-depth look at all the features of this software suite.
Power Archiver
This is a Zip/Unzip utility similar to the popular WinZip. It supports several different compression methods and has many useful functions. The latest version is no longer freeware, however, you can still download some of the previous free versions by visiting the OldVersion website.
AVG Antivirus
Why pay for anti-virus software when you can get top-notch protection for free. There are over 2 million satisfied customers of AVG Anti-Virus. Some of the features include: Email scanning, scheduled testing of your system, free virus database updates, automatic updating, the 'Virus Vault' for safe handling and cleaning of infected files, and many other features.
Double Desktop
This cool little program effectively doubles the size of your desktop by giving you a "left" and "right" side. When you want to switch to the applications on the "other side" of your desktop just press a hotkey combination or click on the system tray icon.
Web Stripper
Web Stripper will go to web sites you specify, retrieve pages from the sites and save exact copies to your hard drive. You can then go back and view the sites whenever you wish without having to be connected to the internet.
Cascade lays out the various CSS level 2 attributes and their values and allows the web author to specify or modify their values. The cascading stylesheet documents can then be exported to HTML files.
2900 Keyboard Shortcuts
Most software has keyboard shortcuts which allow users to complete common program functions from the keyboard. Keyboarding is a program that lists 2,900 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 95/98/Me/2K, Access 97 & 2000, Excel 97 & 2000, Outlook 97 & 2000, Word 97 & 2000 and Internet Explorer 4 & 5.
There is software available that is capable of monitoring every keystroke you type on your keyboard and saving it to a file for someone else to view. These programs often run secretly without the user being aware of their existence. Anti-keylogger will search your system for any key-logging program that may be running in the background and will alert you to it's presence.
Harms Batch Thumbs
Batch Thumbs allows you to quickly make thumbnail images of all the images in a folder that you specify. It can also convert to other image formats, copy, rename, and create an HTML file so you can view the images.
Quintessential Player
Quintessential CD player is a skinnable audio file player which has support for many of today's popular audio formats. It also has the best CDDBv2 integration available so you can download music titles directly from the database over the internet. It is also spy-ware-free.
Star Downloader
A great download accelerator/manager similar to GoZilla or Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), except there is no spy-ware. Functions include browser integration, dynamic mirror site searches, scheduled downloads, resumption of broken or interrupted downloads and several other nice features.
Status Bar Scroll
Status Bar Scroll helps you easily generate the JavaScript code necessary to scroll your custom message through the status bar at the bottom of your web page. The program generates code for 10 different scrolling methods, all you do is cut & paste the code.
Scroll Styles
Quickly and easily create the CSS code necessary to colorize the scroll bars on your web site. Move the sliders to change colors on the various parts of the scroll bars while you preview the changes in real time. Then just cut & paste the code into your HTML file.
Screen Calipers
Have you ever wanted to measure an object on your monitor. If you use Screen Calipers you will be able to measure the inside or outside of an object on the screen, from top to bottom, side to side, and in exact pixels, inches, centimeters, or several other units of measure.
RegCleaner allows you to easily get rid of old, obsolete registry entries which may have been left behind by software that was uninstalled. This is a very easy program to use.
Icon Desk
You may find some practical uses for this one, if nothing else it will be good for a practical joke or two. This allows you to hide all the icons on your desktop with a quick keystroke and then restore them the same way. Use it to hide items from co-workers, or to keep your kids from messing with your desktop.
Star Calc
StarCalc is a fast planetarium & star mapping program for Windows 95/98/NT. It illustrates star positions for any time of the day and from any point on earth. The star positions can be viewed and presented as the whole sky or as any user defined sub-area. The images also can be zoomed at different scales, rotated, screen-captured and printed.
A powerful application that lets you split large files into a set of smaller files. GSplit is more advanced than other standard files splitters because it lets you create a Self-Uniting Program that automatically restores the original file so that anyone will be able to reunite the pieces without using GSplit's uniting tool! GSplit also includes advanced features such as, different splitting methods (blocked or spanned disks pieces), perform CRC32 checks, show a splitting log, create specific pieces with your own names, work with shell integration, and much more.
Eraser is an advanced security tool for Windows. It allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns which remove magnetic remnants from the hard drive. Eraser has earned many positive reviews from some of the most popular software sites and magazines and they have claimed that Eraser is one of the best security tools available for Windows.
A really novel idea, bookmarklets are simple tools that extend the surf and search capabilities of your web browser. They allow you to, modify the way you see a webpage, extract data from a webpage, search more quickly, navigate in new ways, and more. There are over 150 bookmarklets available, they work on all platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Unix), and you do not have to download or install software to use them.
Stone's Web Writer
Stone's WebWriter is a no-nonsense HTML editor. It offers easy-to-use dialogues, right-click editing, code completion and syntax high-ligthing. WebWriter is a good choice for someone just starting out on their first web page and it can be installed from one floppy.
Harm's Tile Maker (sTile)
Create seamless texture tiles and images which can be used as backgrounds on web pages, texture fills for web buttons, or in presentations where you want nice graphics. This software is packed with some nice features. The web site also has examples of what you can do with the program as well as a few tutorials.
Get up-to-date weather information, forecasts, and special weather advisories & warnings right on your desktop, updated continually while you are connected to the internet. Also get local wind speeds and direction, high/low temperatures, sunrise/sunset times and moon phase information. If the National Weather Service issues a watch or warning for your location, WeatherBug sounds an alarm to alert you to the new information. Also view live, web-ready camera images, and visit other weather-related sites from a list of cool links.
MusicMatch Jukebox
Here's an audio player that allows you to listen to MP3's, rip & burn CD's, record to MP3, Widows Media Audio (WMA), and WAV formats, create playlists, and customize the display to your taste with various skins. Connect to more than 200,000 free music tracks and videos from major-label and independent artists within the MUSICMATCH Music Guide. Sort music in your music library by 17 different categories including artist, album, track, genre, mood and cover art. Also search for a song title in your song library with its find feature.

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