Free Desktop Software

KompoZer is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website authoring tool that supports CSS creation, HTML code creation for most of the popular browsers, a color picker FTP transfer of your files to a hosting company and many other features.
Libra is a cool program to catalog and organize your media collection. You use a webcam to scan the bar code on your CD's, DVD's, books or games. The program then retrieves the product information and inserts the info into a SQL database that you can then search through or print.
Hotspot Shield
If you use hotspots at places like McDonalds, Starbucks, Barne & Noble, etc. to access the internet then everything you do is plainly visible to anyone else using that hotspot. All your web surfing and emails, including email usernames and passwords, is visible to all the other perople hooked into that network. If you install Hotspot Shield then all your internet activity will be kept confidential and secure using the latest in encrypted, VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology.
BurnAware Free Edition
BurnAware allows you to burn information to CD's, DVD's and even Blu-Ray disks. It supports ISO burning, file verification and the ability to create multi-session disks.
If you have ever come across a YouTube video that you just had to have on your computer or iPod but didn't know how to do it then Tooble is your answer. Tooble automatically converts the video to a .MP4 format and then copies it to your iPod, computer or iPhone.
Juice is an Open Source media aggregator that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. You select audio files on the web that you want to listen to and Juice will subscribe to the feed and download them to your computer, then you can listen to them at a later date and time.
HandBrake is an Open Source DVD to MPEG-4 converter. HandBrake is great for creating backups of DVDs that you have purchased and it runs under Windows, Mac and Linux.
Canto Pod
Canto Pod will search through the songs on your iPod and display them in a list. Then, simply highlight the songs you want and the program will retrieve the lyrics and add them to the song's lyrics tag.
On-line eBooks Creator
This isn't a downloadable program, rather an on-line script. Simply enter the the URL of a website or browse to a text file on your computer and the input will be converted to an "ebook" that you can read on an iPod.
Xinorbis is a hard drive analyzer that displays an abundant amount of data in graphs and tables allowing you to quickly see the contents, file structure and file distibutions on your computer. It also has the ability to save reports and compare them with previous reports to see how they have changed.
GB-PVR is a free software download that will allow you to turn an old computer into a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). With GB-PVR you can watch tv, schedule recordings, watch DVDs, listen to music and view photos. Check out the website for a more complete list of its capabilities and system requirements.
Have you ever wondered how much data you transfer over your internet connection each day, week, month, year? Well, now it's easy to find out with NetMeter. It may be really helpful for people who are limited to a certain amount of data transfer over a certain period of time. Personally, I am just curious how much data I transfer.
DriverMax is a useful program which allows you to scan your computer and then download the latest drivers for your system. It also has an option to export all your current drivers. This option could save you a lot of time if you need to repair or rebuild your system. With the all the drivers backed up you simply import them back onto your system after your work is complete so your computer can be back up and running much quicker than if you had to search for all those old driver install disks/CD's.
Griffith is a media cataloging utility to help you keep track of and manage your home DVD collection.The program will use the internet to obtain title information, you can use it to keep track of which movies you have loaned out and it also has the ability to export your database for backup purposes.
This simple utility will analyze a file and return the file's hash value for several common hash algorithms. This is useful for comparing your file's hash value to the one listed on the website so you know you have an uncompromised file just as the author intended.
This is a very popular RSS feed reader. I switched to this program a while ago and really enjoy it. It is easy to use and sports a stylish interface. Check out the website for a complete list of all its features.
KMPlayer is a really nice multimedia player. It can play almost any video or audio file you throw at it and supports the use of playlists. It is similar to VLC but seems to have a more polished user interface.
Shape Collage
Shape Collage is a very simple tool for making a photo collage with photos you supply. The program allows you to create a rather standard square collage or create a collage in the shape of whatever you want by drawing your own base shape.
Rohos Mini Drive
Many people these days carry around portable USB flash drives. Often times these drives contain personal or confidential information that the owner would not necessarily want in the hands of a stranger should the drive be lost. Rohos Mini Drive is capable of creating a hidden and encrypted partition on a USB flash drive where the user can confidently store personal information without the fear of it falling into unscrupulous hands if it were to be lost.
SelfImage is a free program similar to Norton Ghost. It allows the user to create a backup image of the hard drive to be used for backups or as a source of recovery should the drive fail or become infected by a virus.
Fotosketcher is a cool little graphics program that can quickly transform a standard photo into personal art. The program has several predifined options which allow you to turn a photo into a pencil-sketched image, pen and ink image or a painted image.
RIOT - Radical Image Optimization Tool
The Radical Image Optimization Tool makes it easy to resize images. The program displays the original image next to the optimized image so you can easily see how the changes you've made will effect the final image. It supports JPG, GIF and PNG image types, allows you to pan, zoom, rotate and flip images, and supports several Lanczos3, Catmull Rom, Bicubic and other resampling algorithms.
UndercoverXP is a handy little utility for making CD and DVD labels and covers. It supports several different image types and is capable of scaling the images to the size you need. It also supports 25 different languages.

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