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BonkEnc is an audio encoder and converter. It allows the user to rip CD's and convert between various audio formats such as MP3, M4A, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.
Context Free Art
This is an interesting fractal generating program. Simply create your own set of rules and the program will turn them into a fractal-type graphic.
CSS Guide On The iPod
For all you iPod-owning, web page designers out there this one is for you. Put a CSS reference guide on your iPod for quick and easy tips.
All Peers
AllPeers is a simple and secure way to share files peer-to-peer over the internet. Users set up a buddy list of people with whom they would like to share files. When the browser is in use it checks to see if anyone on the buddy list has files ready to transfer. To get the files the user simply clicks on them to download the files to thier computer.
Create tutorials by using this program to capture screenshots and mouse movements. The program also allows the user to add titles, buttons and explanation boxes.
A complete WYSIWYG HTML editor similar to Microsoft's FrontPage or Macromedia's Dreamweaver. Create good-looking web sites with support for forms and tables and built-in FTP capability for publishing your pages.
Use GoodSync to truely synchronize your files between computers and/or USB drives.
Comodo is a personal firewall similar to Kerio or ZoneAlarm. The website claims that Comodo received an Editor's Chioce award from PC Magazine.
PhotoRec is a free, open source program specially designed to recover lost photos, videos and other files from flash cards, hard drives and CD ROM's. It will run under DOS, all verisons of Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX.
MPlayer is a video player that runs on several different operating systems, supports a large variety of video codecs and supports a wide variety of output drivers. There are too many of the features and codecs to list here so visit the website for more information.
Buddi is an Open Source budgeting program. Budi allows the user to savings and checking accounts, investment accounts and credit card accounts. Use it to balance your checking account and view various styles of graphs pertaining to your spending and savings habits. The program also allows the user to password protect the budget files to keep data safe from unwanted viewing.
SpyCatcher Express
This program scans your system and identifies and removes spyware while also attempting to keep future spyware from infecting your system.
TestDisk is a tool that attempts to recover lost hard drive partitions and possibly make non-booting disk drive functional again. TestDisk will run under DOS, all verisons of Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX.
This handy little program will copy songs off of your iPod and onto your computer.
This is a simple tool for downloading and saving video files from sites such as Google Video and Youtube. The program allows you to save the files as AVI's or MPG's.
MediaCoder is a free media conversion tool. Convert audio and video files from one format to another. It supports many different files types.
If you have ever accidentally deleted files you know that it can be a devestating feeling, especially if they were important files. With Free Undelete you have a good chance of recovering your files even if they are not in the Recycle Bin.
A nice screen capturing utility.
McAfee Rootkit Detective
A rootkit is a collection of tools that a hacker can use to compromise and gain access to your computer at its most basic level and then mask its existence so you don't realize there is anything wrong. Use this free tool by McAfee to test your system for the possible presence of a rootkit.
GnuCash is a financial tracking program that allows you to track bank accounts, checking accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Options include reports, graphs, scheduled transactions and more.
MP3myMP3 Recorder
This brilliant little program allows you to record streaming internet radio to your hard drive in wav or mp3 format. Load the station in your browser, launch this program and click the record button. You can even select from several different audio bitrates so you don't chew up precious hard drive space. As the website says, if you can hear it, you can record it!
Have you ever attempted to delete a file but were denied because the file was locked or being shared or the computer told you that access was denied? Simply select the offending file with Unlocker and it will unlock it so it can be deleted.
This is the grand daddy of all video converters. The list is too long to show here so you'll just have to visit the website to view all the features and conversions it is capable of. Basically, it will convert any video format you can think of into any other video format. There are also multiple options to pick from for the encoding process.
Astaro Security Gateway
This program is probably not for the computer-faint-of-heart, however, if you know your way around computers it may be worthwhile to check out. You will also want a spare/old PC to use with this software. Basically, you will download an ISO, burn it to a CD and then install the Security Gateway software. Once installed, the PC will act as a dedicated machine and features full network protection, web filtering and email security functions. Some of the listed features include SSL & IPSEC VPN, a firewall, email encryption, anti spam, anti phishing, content filtering, anti virus and more. Commercial users will need to purchase a license but the software is available free of charge for home users.
MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter
This program will automatically merge several mp3 files into a single file in the iTunes AudioBook format. The AudioBook format allows you to return to the same location in the file at a later time. This program is especially useful if download audio books from places such as Free Classic AudioBooks ( where the book is broken up into several downloadable files.
Speed up iTunes downloads. Autobahn optimizes your download connection so you receive your files much quicker than with a normal connection.
Any FLV Player
Any FLV Player enables you to play and publish Flash video files (.FLV). The program not only plays downloaded .FLV files, but is also able to publish them to your website or blog, complete with an integrated player that can be customized to match your color scheme. The program generates the complete HTML output with a preview page and the code to be copied and pasted into your page. Other features include FLV meta data injection, drag and drop support and customizable publishing options.
Ares Tube
If you're addicted to YouTube videos and absolutely need to save a few of them this is the program for you. Simply use this program to download the video file and then program will convert it to the MPEG or iPod video format. This tool can be used for videos from sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe and more.
EvilLyrics provides you with an easy way to add song lyrics to your iTunes/iPod music files. While EvilLyrics is running you play the song in iTunes and it automatically searchs the internet for the lyrics and inserts them into the iTunes file.
iTunes Export
This program allows you to export your iTunes playlist files (.m3u) so you can transfer them somewhere else or use it as a backup method.
YAWCam is software that can be used in conjunction with a standard webcam to provide you with additional features such as video streaming, snapshots, motion detection as well as providing options for FTP upload and a built-in webserver function.

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